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The NSW Government introduced a statewide planning policy for Short Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) to complement a mandatory Code of Conduct that took effect in December 2020.

From Nov 1st 2021, all short term holiday rentals will be required to register as hosts on the Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) Register and comply with a new STRA Fire Safety Standard. Failure to do so will mean hosts and managing agents will be unable to advertise on platforms such as Airbnb, Booking.com and Stayz or host guests in short term rental accommodation.

Hosts are required to pay a registration fee of $65 for the first 12 months and an annual renewal fee of $25.

A new STRA planning framework

The new STRA planning policy framework comprises new standard provisions and introduces:

  • an exempt development pathway for:
    – hosted STRA in a dwelling, 365 days per year;
  • an exemption of bookings of 21 consecutive days or more from day limits for non-hosted STRA.

Hosted vs Non-Hosted

  • Hosted short-term rental accommodation means short-term rental accommodation provided where the host resides on the premises during the provision of the accommodation
  • Non-hosted short-term rental accommodation means short-term rental accommodation provided where the host does not reside on the premises during the provision of the accommodation.

It is a  lot of information to take in. To help with your registration we have spoken with the company Short Term Rental Solution who specialise in compliance requirements such as STRA Register. They are more than happy to help our members navigate the process of preparing for registration on the STRA register before Nov 1st. Should you wish to purchase the ready-made Emergency Information Books they are offering 10% discount using the following promo code at the checkout: COCSC

To get you underway we have linked a few of their documents that will help you understand your compliance obligations:

Check List and Guide   – this outlines the various things you need to do before you can register your property on the STRA register, including the provision of an emergency information booklet, meeting your host’s obligations as per the Mandatory Code of Conduct and meeting the new Fire Safety Standards. Download the checklist.

Two Government Issued Fact Sheets – providing information on the new Fire Safety Standard as well as the provision of Emergency Information Books. Download Emergency Information Fact Sheet. Download Fire Safety Fact Sheet.

Create your own Evacuation Diagram – as part of the new Fire Safety standard, all short-term rentals are required to display evacuation diagrams. Download Diagram Template

For any further advice or questions please email contact@visitkangaroovalley.com.au and we will make the best effort to point you in the right direction.