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Your gift to the earth is reduce your waste

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November 2023 | Edition 42

Moving towards a sustainable Shoalhaven  




Your recycling options over Christmas


FREE recycling at your local Recycling & Waste Depots

If you get a new gadget for Christmas take the old one to the Waste Depots for recycling. Electronic Waste (E-Waste) is any item that runs on a power cord or battery and includes computers, mobile phones, kitchen appliances, power tools and more.

That new electronic gadget may have come packaged in polystyrene. The clean white sheets are what we accept. Please keep polystyrene out of your yellow bin.

Don’t forget, household batteries can also be taken to our Waste Depots, plus Officeworks and most supermarkets. Keep batteries out of both your kerbside bins.

Excess cardboard and all yellow bin recyclables can be taken to the Waste Depots for free.


Find out what our Depots accept for FREE


Weekly kerbside recycling starts soon

From Monday 18 December through to Friday 26 January, your yellow kerbside recycling bin is collected weekly. Your collection day remains the same. 
Kerbside collections are not affected by public holidays.


Find your collection day


Christmas Depot Hours

All Council Recycling & Waste Depots are closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.
Extended holiday hours start 27 December through to 31 January.


Find your nearest Depot




Need to offload unwanted gifts?




Your trash could be someone else’s treasure.
Don’t hide unwanted gifts in the cupboard for an eternity. Give it a second life by taking to Council’s Buy-Back Centres (located at selected Waste Depots) or donating to an Op-shop.
Plus, both these options are a great place for your Christmas shopping. Sustainable and surprising!


What can you take to a Buy-Back Centre


Keep tinsel out of the outdoors




Tinsel is made of plastic and is infamous for shredding. This is made worse when exposed to the elements resulting in fragments of tinsel ending up in our environment. There are many sustainable ways to celebrate Christmas. Get your inspiration here.


Reduce your Christmas waste




Your gift to the Earth is to reduce your waste.
Merry Christmas to all our readers. 












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